We can help you set up Internet service at your new home.

Steps for a seamless Internet service transition

Some important questions

So you’ve decided to move. Maybe you got a new job, maybe you’ve outgrown your current city, maybe you’re going through a break-up. Whatever the reason, we’re here to ensure you have a seamless transition of Internet services to wherever life is taking you.

Do you stay with your current provider? Is there service available in your new neighborhood? How do you make a switch if it’s necessary?

Take our hand as we guide you through these dark and confusing Internet woods.

Things to consider

Do you actually like your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Would you recommend them?

If so, do they operate in the place you are moving to?

If not, who does and what are their prices like?

Can you bundle TV and phone services with your current provider for a lower price?

If you decide to keep your current provider, all you have to do is call them and let them know your new address and move-in date. They can help you set up your service in your new house.

Making the switch

If your new area is only serviced by another provider, or you decide that the time has come to make a switch, here’s how to proceed:

Look at your existing contract.

Determine if your ISP has early cancellation fees. Some companies have certain steps or rules you have to go through before you can cancel.

Shop around.

Find the most affordable bundle package in your new area. Some providers offer new customer discounts.

Plan ahead.

If you had email addresses with your previous provider you should set up a web-based account such as Gmail because you will lose the account associated with your current provider.

Call ahead.

Call a few weeks in advance of your move. Sometimes it can take a few days for an ISP to schedule your installation.

Making the transfer

Transfer like a boss once you’ve picked your ISP

All you have to do it call your current provider and let them know that you are moving and need to switch to another provider in your new area. You will set a cancellation date for the services and if you are renting a modem, there will be steps for getting it back to the provider. Then it’s on to new horizons.

More services to change before you move

Four weeks before you move it’s important to notify your current utility providers of the move and also speak to your new ones as well. Once your Internet is taken care of, there are a few other services to consider:

Cell phone provider, Landline provider, Cable/Satellite TV provider, Water, Electricity, Gas, Trash collection

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