DSL Internet Providers

What is DSL Internet?

DSL means “Digital Subscriber Line Internet” it’s an internet technology, which is capable to transfer Digital Data over a telephone Network faster than a dial-up connection. Want to know about DSL availability in your locality! Just give us a call to learn more about DSL.

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DSL Availability in the U.S.


Number of DSL Providers in the U.S.


U.S. States with the Best DSL Coverage

Washington D.C.



New Hampshire


Types of DSL service: ADSL and VDSL


The major difference between the DSL and VDSL service is the ‘speed’. VDSL service can reach the speed upwards of 50Mbps in some areas, whereas the ADSL speeds tend to fall more in the vicinity of 10 Mbps. That’s why sometimes VDSL service is more costly than the ADSL.


ADSL service tends to be more widespread  nationwide than the VDSL because you can get fastest speed only when you’re near to a telephone exchange if you can manage to live near the telephone exchange then you can get significant speed and more bandwidth as compared to ADSL service could offer.


Since both types of DSL internet are much faster and more reliable than dial-up service is. There is an important deviation in terms of increase in performance and it’s visible when you switch to ADSL or VDSL from your local dial-up services. To get to know the best companies who provide the best services your area call us today.

Is DSL in my area?

By using the existing telephone network from the service provider, DSL technology offers higher broadband speeds in those areas where cable services providers do not work. So DSL service is the most widely available forms of internet, switch to DSL from without emptying your wallet.

Why choose DSL Internet providers?

The average speed of DSL is up to 100 times faster than dial-up Internet access, ranging from 3 Mbps to 50 Mbps in some areas. Whatever you want to do online, selecting a service with more speed will offer a smoother, better Internet experience. Download music and movies, upload files, stream video to your laptop or wireless device and more when you switch to one of your local DSL Internet providers.
DSL Internet is an affordable internet for your home office or workplace. Being the faster and reliable than the dial-up services. . Some DSL providers offer service for less than $20 per month – talk about a bargain. Unlike the other broadband Internet services, DSL offers a reasonable range for your convenience. Call us to learn about DSL availability in your locality.
DSL is reliable and secure because it uses the traditional dial-up connection so DSL offers both of worlds; without tying up the phone line as it happens in the dial-up phone, so gives internet at the same time without interrupt in the flow while a phone call comes.
DSL providers can offer their services almost anywhere. Dial-up is currently available even in the areas which are highly remote to serve cable services, and utilizes the preexisting phone network. DSL Internet service providers are serving the most areas than the other sort of internet access. To compare your providers near and to switch the existing services just give us call today.

How does DSL service compare to cable?

If you live in an area with both cable and DSL availability, it might seem like the natural choice to go with Cable Providers – but DSL can be as fast as cable for a lower price. Plus, it’s both faster and more reliable than dial-up.

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Most homes are already built to support phone lines while DSL Internet providers use nationwide telephone infrastructure, that is, they are serviceable by internet providers. For many customers, installation merely involves simple plug-and-play equipment. It’s really that easy. Call our experts now for the best DSL offers in the area.