Internet Bundles

Bundle services for a better deal

Getting high speed Internet is great, but did you know that most Internet providers offer packages that include TV and a home phone as well? Most of the time, they cost less than paying for individual services, plus they add the convenience of one single bill. When you choose home and Internet bundles you save time and money.

Score big with a double play

Double play bundles combine two services. There are TV Internet bundles and phone and Internet bundles. Pricing and packages are determined by individual providers, but no matter who you choose you almost always save money when you get more services.

The Beauty of Bundles

Bundling means more services

High speed Internet gives you the power to connect to the web for shopping, emails, streaming and more, but it doesn’t deliver some of your favorite TV channels, and if you try to call a long distance relative with an online app, the reception will likely be spotty and frustrating.

Getting home phone and TV solves those issues and offers these extra perks:

  • Home phone calling features like voicemail as email, caller ID and 3-way calling
  • DVR: Record and watch shows any time
  • Premium movie and sports channels

Bundling means convenience

When you bundle two or more services together, you get a better deal than paying for each service individually. Plus, you also get rid of the headache of keeping track of multiple bills and if you need customer service or tech support, you only have to remember one phone number to call.

Whether you want Internet and cable bundles or Internet and phone bundles, there are options for you.

Combine two services

Internet and phone bundles

DSL needs a phone line to get you online, so getting phone and Internet bundles makes sense if your provider offers DSL. But having a home phone is also good for every household. It’s reliable in the event of an emergency and as an addition to your home security network.

Internet and TV bundles

Looking for satellite TV? If so, getting an Internet and satellite TV bundle is a great way to go. Satellite TV is a popular choice for those who live in rural areas. City dwellers can sometimes bundle fiber-optic Internet and TV for thousands of channels and crystal-clear picture quality.

Triple plays

The ultimate bundle

Want all three services on one bill? We figured you might, because after all, why get two services when you can have three? Triple play bundles give you have the power of fast Internet, tons of TV options and reliable home phone service. You can call friends and family no matter where they live, and keep your home happy by making sure everyone can watch their favorite shows and all their devices can connect to the web.

TV, Internet, Phone Bundles

Whether you just want two services or all three combined, there’s most likely a bundle that works for your home and your budget. Call us today to learn what options are available in your area and get expert advice on which will work best for you.